Charleston Dog Training

is a professional dog training company servicing the Charleston County area. We are staffed with certified professional trainers who know how to get quick results that will last. From puppies to older dogs, our trainers plan a customized approach to meet your family’s needs and your dog’s needs.

For dogs beyond 4 months old, our private in-home lessons or board and train options are the perfect way to get your dog on the fast track to obedience. With attention to your dog’s specific needs, our trainers will teach your dog multiple commands that you can use daily at home.

Have You Asked Yourself These Questions?

  • Do you wish your dog would listen better? Especially around distractions?
  • Have you tried everything to get your dog to stop having accidents in the house?
  • Does your dog bark incessantly, and make your home feel chaotic?
  • Are you frustrated that your dog jumps on guests and family members?
  • Are you jealous of your friends who can take their dog on a walk without them pulling on the leash?
  • Do you want your dog not just to behave in your home, but in public places?
  • Are you at your wit’s end, feeling like you’ve tried everything and still need help?

We Know You Love Your Dog, and We Have Good News!

We can stop these unwanted doggie behaviors and help you experience the best version of your dog!

In just a few short weeks, we can teach your dog to:

  • Stop pulling on the leash when on a walk.
  • Sit on command.
  • Stay on command.
  • Go to a designated “place”
  • Down (and stay) on command.
  • Come on command.

We Help With:

Play Biting

House Training Mistakes

Nuisance Barking

Pulling While Walking

Jumping on people & Furniture

Not Listening To You

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